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What do you include as your Property Management services?
Home for RentWe offer full service property management, which includes the following:

Marketing of property
Screening of prospective tenants

o Credit check
o Previous landlord references
o Employment verification

Photos and video of property prior to occupancy
Rental agreement with tenant
Period inspections to note property condition and maintenance
Obtain bids for repairs in excess of $250 to present to owner

What type of Accounting and Reporting do you provide?

We provide all standard bookkeeping for the project. A full range of monthly reports is available including detailed income statements, balance sheets and cash flow statements. Year-end financial reports are easily integrated into the clients tax return.

Rents are collected and deposited by the site manager with frequent scheduled reporting of deposits to the central office. Reconciliation of income is the responsibility of the central office. Accepted industry controls are utilized to insure safe handling of funds. Books and records are open for audit and inspection at any time.

Fee Schedule - Optional Services

The company operates a separate maintenance division where department personnel provide optional maintenance services at the request of the owner. All landscape maintenance is performed by independent contractors and competitively bid.

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