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The fees quoted below are for management of one single-family rental property: single family home, individual condominium or townhouse.

For our services, the following rates apply:

Securing a new tenant 20% of the first complete month's rent
Monthly 10% of the monthly gross income received

We do not charge for payment of the following on behalf of the client:

General excise tax Insurance
Mortgage Property tax
Maintenance fees Association dues

For coordinating any extraordinary repairs or renovation projects, a special fee (to be negotiated with the owner prior to the start of the project) will be charged.  All out-of-pocket expenses, such as advertising, repairs, legal fees and Rent Check dues will be charged to the client's account.


Start-Up NONE
Renewal NONE
1099 NONE
Monthly We only charge our fees based on rent collected.
Placement Tenant placement fees will range from $75.00 - $400.00 with one half of that fee being used to pay an outside broker, for a referral of a qualified tenant (should there be one). In addition, we guarantee the placement of the tenant for up to 1/2 of their lease term. Should the tenant vacate during the first half of their lease, we would not charge you again to replace the tenant.
Advertising All advertising costs are passed through to the owner.

Repairs - New Property

On occasion, an owner will call us and need our office to manage, handle, and complete thousands of dollars in repairs and clean-up of a property BEFORE we ever manage it or make it available for the first time to the renting public. We charge 15% of the repairs made for handling these types of repairs.

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