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The physical management of any investment property entails more than just an occasional inspection and responding to the tenant's requests for repairs. Each individual property requires its own management program designed to fulfill the needs of its different characteristics. Items such as age, location, and type of structure all have an influence on the type of program to be implemented.

After obtaining this information, we formulate an effective management program tailored to preserve your investment. Two aspects of an effective management program are maintenance and property inspections.

Regular attention and care, using reliable and competent contractors, results in a well-maintained property that is able to command the best possible returns. Each job to be done on your property is first examined to determine its necessity and extent. Only after this examination has been completed is the job ordered through a reliable contractor. This enables us to attain the best possible services at the most reasonable prices for the particular job required.

In the event work is necessary on your property, we as managing agents will use our discretion in authorizing jobs of up to $250. Any larger repairs or maintenance projects will only be ordered after obtaining approval from you. Naturally, in instances where immediate action is necessary to prevent damage to the property or keep it habitable for the tenant, and there is no time to contact you for approval, we will have the work done and contact you as soon as possible to advise you. Two examples of this situation are the rupturing of a main water line on the property or the total breakdown of a water heater, requiring replacement.

After completion of any work ordered by our managers and before invoices are paid, the jobs are inspected for satisfactory completion. Any discrepancies found are ordered corrected prior to approval of the contractor's invoice. Any discount we derive because of the volume of work ordered from our contractors is passed on to you as an owner.

Property Inspections
Property inspections are conducted on a frequency designated by the property management plan, and are designed to accomplish a variety of goals. Among these are to: assure the proper care of the property by the tenants; judge the quality of maintenance performed; and to discover small problems before they turn into major ones.

In addition to routine inspections - both exterior and interior - a good working relationships with vendors and the resident managers give our managers additional sources of information about anything occurring on the properties.

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